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Studio 474

Studio 474, conveniently located at 474 Holland Ave. in Ottawa, is 18 x 23 feet of pure, creative possibilities. The studio has a seamless floor to ceiling Cyclorama infinity wall, 5 full RGB wall lights, a catering space, and much, much more. If you need a creative, cost effective, studio space, look no further than Studio 474.

Available Amenities

If you want it, odds are, we got it. Whether you’re shooting video or still photography, doing film work, camera tests, you’ll find what you need to ensure your production turns out the best it can possibly be.

Cyclorama Infinity Wall

Floor to ceiling seamless 18 x 18’ cyclorama infinity wall or blackout curtains. (Our full studio space is 18 x 23’)

RGB Wall Lights

5 Full RGB wall lights with programable effects controllable by personal devices to flood the white seamless wall with colour.

Sound Isolated

One of the only sound isolated video studios in Ottawa (most of them are photography studio spaces so audio was not in mind when building those spaces)

Green Room

Green room with bright lighting, mirrors, clothing hooks, and make up stations. Large front lobby space (20 x 20’) for craft services/gear prep/client area.

The Studio comes equipped with cyclorama wall lighting, a 10′ x 20 ‘ wide vinyl green screen as well as 10 C-stands and 10 sandbags for lighting/sound grip. 


9:00am – 5:00pm (Weekdays)

Full Day


Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

5 Days


Please contact us to inquire about weekend pricing and availability.